What Narcissists See When They Look In The Mirror

September 24, 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most magnificent narcissist of all?

What exactly does an individual suffering from narcissistic personality disorder see when they look in the mirror? Studies have demonstrated that most people perceive themselves to be more attractive than they actually are. Narcissists perception of their attractiveness is often so far off from what they actually look like it is mind-blowing and a bit disconcerting.

A narcissist female may be five feet tall and over two hundred pounds but she may actually believe she is attractive enough to compete with elite highly paid models. A narcissist male could be just over five feet, skinny as a rail and have half his teeth missing. This male narcissist could actually see himself as a tall, ripped, super handsome fitness model.

Narcissists are delusional beyond measure. It is stressful dealing with individuals whose sense of reality is so far removed from reality. You will find yourself mentally and emotionally drained when interacting with mentally disturbed narcissists on a regular basis.  

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