Stand Up To Bullies

November 15, 2018

Stand Up To Bitch Ass Bullies

Bullies (Part 2 of “The People In Your Life”)

Bitch ass bullies are everywhere. Many individuals start dealing with bullies as soon as they’re born due to having a parent that is a bully. This is tragic and unfortunate. You have bullies in grade school, then college and of course, there are many miserable bitch ass LOSER bullies in the workplace.

Bullies talk shit 24/7. That’s all bullies are. A bunch of talk with little to no action. Bullies rarely confront you one on one. They typically involve other unsuspecting individuals with fake sob stories. These unsuspecting individuals then turn in to bullies by proxy. Not all of them are innocent unsuspecting victims. A good number of the people the bitch ass bully recruits know they are participating in evil. These recruits are typically miserable LOSERS and so they look forward to any opportunity to harm others.

Deep down all bullies are weak, bitch ass LOSERS that need a good ass whopping. NEVER fear a bully. They feed off your fear. Laugh in the bully’s face and treat the bully like the irrelevant piece of scrape that they are. One good Mike Tyson style punch to a bully’s face will shut the bitch down QUICK. 😁 #fuckabitchassbully 

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