Narcissists are Opportunists

September 18, 2018

Give them an inch and they feel entitled to take a mile

Saying a narcissist is an opportunist seems a bit silly. It’s akin to saying that water is wet. Being kind and giving is the nature of many empathic individuals. Unfortunately, narcissists see kindness and generosity as a weakness to exploit.


If you help a narcissist the narcissist will perpetually feel entitled to your help. Some narcissists may even begin stalking you and/or manipulating others to stalk/keep tabs on you. Once a predator narcissist sets sight on you they feel as if they own you and need to keep tabs on you 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Be careful who you help and also be mindful of others that see the many gifts, blessings, and talents you have. You want to let your light shine and be the best version of you possible. In being your best you will attract many many opportunistic predators. Stay woke and keep shining!

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