Narcissism In Media | Toxic Social Media Conditioning

November 20, 2018

Is It An Addiction Or Conditioning?

It’s called social media. But how social can people without actual live in-person interactions? Can meaningful relationships be formed from behind a cellular phone or laptop? Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, Twitter and all the other popular social media platforms have captivated the attention of billions of people. These individuals are spread throughout various continents and vary in age, economic status, ethnicity, and education levels. One thing these individuals have in common is that to their own detriment social media has become an integral part of their life.

For many individuals, their mobile phones are basically an appendage on their bodies. Richard Grannon interviewed Sam Vaknin and they discussed the effect social media has had on society overall. This is an interview anyone that uses social media or has loved ones that use social media needs to listen to ASAP!

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